Machining and Fabrication Specialists for Quartz, Ceramic and Silicon

Hayward Quartz Technology, Inc., founded in 1984, is a leading supplier supporting all major OEM's in the semiconductor business segment. Our modern facilities, located in Fremont, CA, feature over 250,000 square feet of manufacturing space, housing the latest in fabrication, machining, inspection, cleaning, and analytical equipment. In addition to being an authorized quartz distributor and fabricator to all major raw material manufacturers, we apply our machining expertise to other specialty materials such as Aluminum Oxide, Mono and Poly-crystalline Silicon, Sapphire, and more. Beyond our high-volume production capacity, we offer a complete R&D department devoted to supporting all business segments. Technical assistance for engineered performance products and providing quick turn performance for time-sensitive projects are just some of our core competencies.

Why Hayward Quartz?

why hayward quartz

Why Hayward Quartz? Simply put, we have built our company to be your one stop shop for quartz, ceramics, and silicon material machining and fabrication. 


Our Products

our products

Our Products... Whether you're in the Semiconductor, Solar, Medical, Lighting or L.E.D. business segments we have the right materials, technology and expertise in application so our products will meet your needs today and in the future as our ever changing business environments drive the evolution and improvement of our products.



Material... if you're looking to just buy raw material or we need material for your custom machined or fabricated part, Hayward Quartz stocks more raw material inventory then anyone in the business. What that means to our customers is always having the right material choice when you need it.